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 Resources Prepared by Qualified Professionals

Our team consists of online exam training specialists and test material specialists. We took a considerable amount of time in putting together our resources. These resources were personally developed by us through comprehensive research, as well as our personal experiences as professionals.

We believe that anyone who is serious about getting their security guard or private investigator licence deserves the best help they can get. That is why you can expect program to help you pass your security guard exams.

 Affordable Membership

Our Security Ready program is more affordable than any other Ontario security guard exam prep program on the market. Why pay more?

 Easy to Use

All of our OSG and PI preparation resources have been put into a single portal for you to access and review. We have put considerable effort into making our system well-organized and extremely user-friendly, so that you can find exactly what you want, whenever you want it. Preview our software by taking a free test.

 Access to a Library of Ontario Security Guard and Private Investigator Exams

Gain access to hundreds of practice questions; resume preparation materials and more! Our material was created by online testing specialists insuring you get the most up to date and accurate security guard test questions.

 Automated Performance Tracking

Our system will continuously monitor your test performance to formulate your own personal track record. Performance tracking will help you gauge your test scores, record the time of test completion, and suggest areas of improvement. Take advantage of all this data, and carefully plan out your study schedule based on the progression of your exam preparation.

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